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3 great wines to buy for the holidays at Costco for under $30

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This is not a pitch for Costco, but if you purchase wine, you might want to think about becoming a member. Costco sells a lot of wine and sometimes they have some very nice selections. Don't have a Costco membership?  No worries, just click on the links below to shop online.  Prices may vary. 

This week, we found three different wines that we want to make note of. Not only are they tree different wineries but three different varieties as well. By the way, all three are under $30 available now at Costco!

#1: Etude 2014 Fiddlestix Pinot Noir - Red Wine.  Our favorite Pinot Noir comes from Etude.  Hails from the Carneros region and is by the premier wine makers of Etude. Etude produces many great wines including a fantastic Cabernet, but this one is a Pinot Noir born at the Grace Benoist Ranch. This 2014 vintage and boasts intense flavors of plum, raspberries, and dark cherries. It squeezes out silky smooth tannins and has a hint of spice notes with perfect acidity. This Etude 2014 Fiddlestix Pinot Noir - Red Wine has a lasting finish with elegant aromas of cinnamon black tea. It’s drinkable now and will even be greater shelving for a year or two.

#2: Keenan 2013 Napa Valley Merlot - Red Wine.  Comes right out of the gate hitting the palate with blackberry, cassis, and black cherries. Straight out of the Spring Mountain area in Saint Helena, Robert Keenan just keeps on having one hit after the other. The Keenan Winery produces great Cabs, but as I mentioned earlier about variety, this one is a Merlot. You can’t help picking up the scents of espresso along with dark cocoa. This is a big Merlot worthy of all the accolades.

#3:  Silverado 2014 Cabernet Sauvignon (375ML half-bottle) - Red Wine.  Keeping with the variety theme, number three is one of my favorites under the mark. Silverado Cabernet has it all! By all I am referring to the earth. I love the earthy tastes of dusty compounds and the floral hints of pepper. The vanilla and violets stand out even with the earthiness captivating the nose. Obviously the name gives it away, but this wine is produced on the Silverado Trail at the Silverado Winery, Napa, Ca. Get the grille ready and pour yourself a nice one.

Happy Holidays!

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