Five Tips on How To Host a Successful Virtual Happy Hour

Five Tips on How To Host a Successful Virtual Happy Hour

In this new and crazy world of COVID-19, I have had to adjust to many things. Some of these adjustments have been good lessons for me as it has taught me to adjust and accept. On the other hand, some of these adjustments have been challenging to say the least.  Although I often feel alone, there is something comforting about the fact that the whole world is in this together. The hardest thing for me, however, is being away from my friends and family. More than that, I miss the social aspects getting together at dinners and happy hours. Let’s face it, we all have some kind of longing for some social interaction. I found that virtual happy hours are closest to being there.  

Living in isolation, I’m sure you’ve had to think of something smart and innovative to combat some of the new challenges that these times have put you through. Having a virtual happy-hour is one of the ways I’ve learnt to adapt, and I’d love to share this with you. 

Here are some tips I use to share those moments virtually.

    1. Make use of Technology: We have it at our fingertips! Although technology was greatly criticized for creating social-distance among people, now is the time to use it to bring people together!  Using your smartphone or tablet to reach out to your friends and family. I recommend the following video chat apps: Facetime, Zoom Video, Facebook Messenger, Instagram, Skype, WhatsApp or the newest fun app Houseparty.
    2. Use the additional Gadgets:  To avoid having to struggle with your technological device while having a special virtual gathering, get yourself a gadget to hold your device. This can come in the form of a phone-stand, a tri-pod or a tablet-dock. If you have none of these available, use some things around your house! You can stack up a pile of books or lean your device against a sturdy object. 
3. Schedule the Event: It is vital that you set a time and date for the happy hour, especially if you are connecting a few people at the same time. Even-though most people are in self-isolation, there is still some sort of routine and tasks that have to be done in every home. Setting a time and date and informing everyone about it will reduce the chances of a no-show event. 
4. Get yourself your favorite drink:This is where the fun begins. Before getting onto your virtual event, ensure that you have poured yourself your favorite drink. Whether you’re sitting with a fancy glass of wine or whether you’ve created yourself a crazy cocktail, make sure you’re drink-ready. 
     My favorite pour is a Pomegranate Martini.  Hmm so good!


    5. Get comfy: Considering you’re probably going to be in the same spot for some time during your happy-hour, make sure the seat you’re on is the best seat in the house. The best thing about this happy-hour, is that you’re able to create the space you want to be in. Want to surround yourself with soft, comfy pillows while sipping on that margarita? Why not. Find your seat, dial your friends and enjoy this unique experience. 

    These might be some truly challenging times, but it takes nothing to make it a little easier and a little more enjoyable for you and your friends. So reach out to your friends. Connect with your family. Remember that you are not alone and that it doesn't have to be so hard. 

    Happy drinking! 🍹


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